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6 November AM - Ps Carel Berndt
For I say to you this morning My children, you are in My hands. And I protect you and I have chosen each one of you to come and stand close to Me in this day so that we can create the new, that we can establish hope in the lives of those that do not hope. And I say unto you this morning, yes my eyes is upon this church. My eyes are upon this nation. My eyes are even upon this city and yes I have heard the calls and I have heard the prayers. I have heard the prayers of those that cry out unto Me and say unto Me, Lord change this nation. And I say unto you this morning, I have heard, yes I have heard says the Lord. I have heard your cries and your pleas and your supplications before Me. Yes I have heard and I have seen the petitions that have been written by your words. Hear Me this morning, I am in charge of S.A. It is in My hands. There is nothing that will happen that I do not know of and no one and nothing will destroy My words or My plans for this nation. Yes I say unto you this morning that S.A. will be a nation where the light will shine and the light will move up into Africa but it will also move into the rest of the world. I have chosen again to send My people from this nation unto other nations. And they will bring light, they will prophecy, there shall be signs and wonders and miracles and there will be healing. And there will be salvations in this time. Not in the thousands but in the millions. Yes I say unto you this morning, My dear children, prepare your hearts, prepare yourselves for the days at hand. Prepare yourselves, do not look to the left or the right but look where I tell you to look. I say to you today that you must finish with the baggage that you are carrying. My children I am saying to you, take the baggage upon your shoulders and leave it and give that burden unto Me because I am the one that is the burden carrier by choice. Yes I will carry your burden but I want you to walk out free this morning. I want you to touch My face. Yes, hear what I am saying, I say I want you to touch My face. Do not owe Me, cry out for My hand but cry out to touch My face, for truly I love you. I love you with an everlasting love. I love you that you cannot fathom. That is the way that I love My bride and you are My bride. Hear Mywords this morning, I love you, I love you, I love you. And I will never, I will never leave you alone. But know I will be with you always.

13 November PM - Ps Gebhardt Berndt
I can hear heaven rejoicing over you. I died for them, Gebhardt. I shed My blood for them that they may be free. I give you a promise says the spirit of the Lord that each time the voice of the enemy will rise itself against you that I will be right there with you. And I will illuminate My Word to your mind and to your spirit. And I have given you the power to overcome the evil one, because My DNA that resides within you is greater then the DNA and the onslaught of the evil one. For even in this time you will hear the voice of the devil speaking through many. And they will say here is the coming of the righteous one and they will run from this place and run from that place. Hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying tonight, that the time will come where you will hear the newspapers and on the news: fear this and fear that, fear this and fear that. But the spirit of the Lord whispers to you tonight and foretells the future that is about to come. Do not fear he that wants to sow fear, rather submit yourself to Him that is above every thing. For I tell you that the time will come where every man and every spirit and every principality and power and wickedness of the air will bow their knee to Me. And they will say that I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And during this time says the spirit, I am sending forth My fire in My church like never before. And it will burn away the dross of the evil one. And it will shatter, it will shatter every form of captivity, every form of bondage, every form of hostility against My Word, says the Lord. For there will come a time now, says the spirit of God, where I will cry out amongst My people, I will call them to a place of prayer, I will call them to a place of intersession, I will call them to a place of holiness, I will call them to a place of fasting like never before. And those that find themselves full of oil in this time, like I have said to you like the 10 virgins, those will find themselves in a place of peace and abundance. Though there will be trouble in the world says the Lord, do not fear for I have overcome the world. And when I shed My blood over 2000 years for you I was thinking of your freedom. But a time will come where you will live in your freedom, in your freedom.