MARCH 2010

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7 MARCH AM - Ps Carel Berndt
For truly it is so, in this time you will begin to understand that the prophet is the eye of the nation. And in this time, My body, you will begin to understand that I do not do things lest I speak it to My prophets. Yes, it is a time also this morning where you will understand that you truly are a new creation. And I will begin to show you and you will begin to understand and there will be a fresh illumination in your heart about who you are and about who I am. And you shall begin to meet me in a new way and I will come in like a wave like I come in this morning. I will come with a rumbling and a mighty wind and you will sense it and some of you will not understand but I am not the Lord God that wants to make to understand, I am who I am. And in this morning I will bring hope in your heart that you will begin to trust Me in a new way for it is so that you will see My hand upon your life, upon this body and upon this nation. And surely you will give Me glory and you will give Me honour and you will give Me praise and your mind will say: Can this be so, but your heart will say, the Lord has spoken. So I will begin to illuminate your spirit and your heart will speak to your mind and you will begin to understand the supernatural things for the time of the miraculous is here.