JUNE 2010

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June: Vision for South Africa - Ps Gebhardt Berndt

Whilst in prayer I saw a huge pot over South Africa , and hands that hold this pot , the contents of the pot is enough to cover the whole of South Africa very easily. As I looked closer I thought these hands must be the hands of God , but I saw on the hands the name written Church , and on the pot written prayer.
I was a bit surprised by this and I inquired what this means. I felt the Lord say the destiny of South Africa is in the hands of the church which should pray. I felt the Lord say that the church has the power through prayer to either spill the contents of this nation or to keep it safe. I felt that the contents was blood, don’t know why blood, that's what came up in my spirit.
It’s like God is saying the church has the power to save South Africa.
Then I had a dream where the Lord said to me: " Ke Nako ". This is a African word which I found out means " Its time ". I don't know what it’s time for, but I sense a huge urgency,  to be aware and to pray.